I'm a 22 year old mobile and web developer based in Tallahassee, FL. I am constantly working on incredible projects, and love creating beautiful things.
I'm passionate about creating awesome things and learning new languages, including C, C#, Objective-C, Java, Swift, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, and more!
I love designing beautiful things. Most of my design includes web pages and mobile applications. (Have a Dribbble invite? I'd love one!)
I have a personal blog on which I write about things from technology to opinions about random subjects. Who knows what I'll pen next.
Most of the stuff I do is open source, so you can check it all out on GitHub. I taught myself to program through open source, so this is my way to give back.
The website you're currently visiting, of course. It's completely written from scratch using HTML5, CSS3 (LESS), JavaScript (jQuery), and PHP. It's also completely open source and designed by myself. Animations are all done with a mix of CSS3 animations as well as JavaScript manipulation, and the contact form below is written using JavaScript and PHP to send messages. This projects section is built using a MySQL database, and includes both an "Add Project" and "Edit Project" site which are both protected using HTTP authentication.
This is the face of most things I do, and is what I use to advertise myself for doing design and programming work. Kyle Frost Design is also the face of my mobile applications that are deployed to the App Store and available on iPhones and iPads. I also look forward to eventually moving in to Android and other mobile development in the future.
When your mother asks you to make something, you usually end up making it. When mine came to me saying "I watch a lot of movies, and want a dedicated place to keep a list of those movies so I remember which I've seen and if I liked it or not," I made her that app. This was the result. Of course, I didn't just make it as simple as can be, I learned new things along the way, including barcode scanning, UIGestureRecognizers, and spring animations. This is available in the App Store.
Cards Against Humanity: Online. Free to play, Project Nihilism came to be because some friends and I decided that Cards Against Humanity needed an online option that didn't suck. We built this from scratch, using technologies like Node.js, Socket.io, and the usual web development languages. It features private rooms, built in chat, and - of course - beautiful design and animations. Check it out.
Inspiration coming from whatcolourisit.scn9a.org, I decided to build native apps for both iOS and Android that recreate the effect of the site. The background color updates live with the hexadecimal value corresponding to the current time (24hr). The iOS version also includes the ability to copy the color value in various formats. The iOS app is available in the App Store, the Android and source is available on GitHub.
OpenSpace is an MHacks V project that was built as an open source, free to use competitor to SquareSpace. Creating websites has never been easier, with a WYSIWYG style editor and even a syntax highlighted template uploader, anyone can create website templates. It was written using Python, Flask, MySQL, HTML, CSS (LESS), and JavaScript. It features user login and signup as well as page management per user. Still in early stages, much is left to come from this project.
StringEmojize is a Swift library that extends the built in String class in order to convert common Emoji identifiers (list found at www.emoji-cheat-sheet.com) into their Unicode equivalent so that they can be shown in Swift easier. The idea was based on the Objective-C version found at diy/NSStringEmojize. If you wish to use StringEmojize in your Swift projects, you can either download it manually from GitHub or it is available through CocoaPods.
Pebble Status is a website that you can paste the URL of your Pebble Time Kickstarter "Reward Portal" in, and will give you all of the information available, including shipping numbers before the shipping emails are sent to you. It uses a Flask Python server in order to scrape the URL for information, finding the JSON object that Pebble embeds as an HTML tag. The entire thing is open source on GitHub and can be run without any modifications as long as you have Flask and the requirements installed.
FRST.XYZ is a custom URL shortener that runs on my personal web server (as do most of my projects and websites). It has server side authentication checking, uses Flask (Python) for the server side programming language, as well as MySQL for database communication. There's also an API that accepts POST requests and returns the appropriate JSON response based on the request parameters (i.e. correct/incorrect password or custom aliases). There is also logging of user clicks, which includes the platform, OS, and User-Agent of clients accessing the shortened URLs. It is completely open source on GitHub.

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